Personnel and Payroll Accounting

Personnel and Payroll Accounting

You can order personnel and payroll accounting from us to accompany the accounting of your company or as a separate service. Laws are constantly changing and personal data must be maintained confidential. Therefore, payroll accounting needs a professional and reliable cooperation partner.

By choosing SiSi Finantsid, you can be sure that payroll accounting always takes place in accordance with the legislation in force. We offer payroll accounting to small start-up companies who are just recruiting their first employees as well as large operating companies for whom the confidential aspect of payroll accounting is also important.

What is included in the personnel and payroll accounting service?

Your company will receive a personal payroll accountant who

  • sets up payroll accounting;
  • engages in monthly payroll accounting which includes the accounting for wages and salaries, additional remuneration, bonuses, holiday pay, sickness benefits and final compensation;
  • fills in and transfers certificates for sick leave;
  • keeps tax accounting relating to remuneration;
  • prepares and submits tax returns to the Tax and Customs Board;
  • prepares and submits reports to Statistics Estonia;
  • prepares and submits necessary payroll reports;
  • registers employees in the employment register of the Tax and Customs Board;
  • applies to the Social Insurance Board for compensation for holiday and average remuneration;
  • transfers or prepares payment orders of wages and salaries and taxes in bank;
  • communicates with administrative agencies on payroll matters;
  • counsels you on legislation concerning employees and on tax and personnel matters; and
  • prepares employment contracts or contracts under the law of obligations.


How does the personnel and payroll accounting service work?

  • You can communicate with the personal payroll accountantof your company (in the case of his or her holiday or illness the accountant has a substitute) on working days face to face, by telephone and e-mail as well as via video call.
  • Payroll accounting takes place in the Merit Palk programor in the payroll program used in your company.
  • To ensure smooth cooperation, upon entry into a service contract you provide the accountant with access to the accounts of your company:

in the Tax and Customs Board (for checking or submitting tax returns);

in the portal (for submitting certificates for sick leave, applying to the state for benefits) and in the Internet bank of the company


If you feel that your company needs a professional accountant, feel free to contact us. To this end, just call +372 50 888 38 or send an e-mail to

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