Full Accounting Package

If you value your time and want to devote it to the principal activity of your business, let us take care of your accounting in its entirety. We provide you with a sense of security and fast feedback on the results of your company.

What is included in the Full Accounting Package?

Your company will have a personal accountant who is responsible for setting up an accounting system and for the functioning thereof and who

  • Is always there for you during working days, answers your calls and e-mails;
  • Provides you with free advice for 0.5 hours per month;
  • Is ready for urgent work;
  • Performs professional accounting;
  • Sends you periodic overviews of the key financial indicators of your company;
  • and performs other contemporary duties of an accountant

The Full Accounting Package consists of the following:

  • Preparing accounting policies and procedures, if necessary;
  • Tax accounting and preparing and submitting tax returns
  • Accounting for and recognition of investments and loans;
  • Preparing and sending sales invoices;
  • Preparing business trip decision and reports;
  • Representing the client’s company in state agencies;
  • Preparing and submitting annual reports and other statements

As a client of the full accounting service, you are able to use it without any additional fees the cloud-based Merit Aktiva accounting software, in which you can easily

  • prepare sales invoices and send them directly to your client;
  • prepare e-invoices and send them directly to your client;
  • monitor the payment of invoices;
  • send reminders about unpaid invoices

How does the Full Accounting Package work?

  • You can communicate with the personal accountant of your company (in the case of his or her holiday or illness with the accountant’s substitute) on working days face to face, by telephone and e-mail as well as via a video call.
  • You transfer all the documents to us digitally, ensuring the accounting is completely paper-free.
  • Accounting takes place in real time: the accountant enters electronic documents in the programme within one working day after receiving them.

To ensure smooth cooperation, upon entry into a service contract you provide the accountant with access to the accounts of your company:

  • in the Tax and Customs Board(for checking or submitting tax returns);
  • in the portal submitting certificates for sick leave, applying to the state for benefits);
  • in the commercial register(for submitting an annual report)
  • and in the Internet bank of the company in order to enable real-time information flow between the bank and the accounting programme on settlements made in the bank account

If you need a sense of security in performing accounting, we are very glad if you provide us with an opportunity for cooperation. To this end, just call +372 50 888 38 or send an e-mail to