The SiSi Finantsid accounting bureau provides its clients with ACCOUNTING SERVICES which include:

  • recording business transactions;
  • accounting for taxation purposes and submitting declarations;
  • monthly principal accounts and additional accounts;
  • annual report;
  • personnel accounting.

IN REAL TIME – as a result of which companies have their personal accountants, but

  • there is no need to create and establish the position of an accountant;
  • there is no need to grant a holiday and pay any holiday pay;
  • there is no need to pay for training events of the accountants, their sickness benefits, compensations, payments for parental leave, etc.;
  • you will save on the salary and social taxes of the accountant;
  • your office will have vacant space for the establishment of some more important positions for the principal activities of your company.


  • Accounting information and reports are always available;
  • arranged archives of documents in the cloud server;
  • sending documents through the Internet or by adding them directly to the cloud server dispenses from the boring collection of documents;
  • it is possible to observe the development of the company and plan the future.


  • Takes place on the basis of the price list;
  • the fewer the documents, the lower the invoice and vice versa.
  • enter in the price calculator below the documents of your company per calendar month and you will receive the initial monthly fee for the accounting service for you.
    Price calculator


  • Contact the bureau of SiSi Finantsid by e-mail or mobile telephone +372 50 888 38
  • together we will find out your needs and possibilities;
  • we will enter into a contract.

We encourage you to make yourself familiar in more detail with the accounting service in real time, since any FASTER, MORE CONVENIENT and MORE SECURE organisation of accounting is just not possible.

A CHEAPER solution is possible if you are competent in the field of accounting and are ready to do everything on your own. We recommend that you become our Facebook friend as we regularly publish news concerning the field that helps you be informed of legislation.