Accountant`s Assistant

Accountant`s Assistant

Today’s accounting is becoming increasingly more automated. This means that an accounting system properly set up by the accountant’s assistant, integrated with various business software, allows accounting data processing to be carried out with virtually no additional manual input from the accountant.

For you as a smart entrepreneur, this means saving on data processing costs and making wise use of the accountant’s professional expertise. Plus, you will always have real-time financial information from your accounts. Last but not least, automated data entry eliminates the possibility of human error.

What is included in the Accountant’s Assistant package?

Processing of source documents: when setting up the accounting system, the accountant’s assistant will arrange the entire incoming document flow, relying on the automation system provided by the consultant of SiSi Finantsid.

This results in the automation of the following processes:

  • entry of purchase and sales invoices in the accounting program;
  • import of banking entries into the accounting program;
  • transmission of payment orders from the accounting program to banks.

Supporting accounting-related activities: these include, for example, the preparation of reports on missing invoices or requesting the invoices directly from the client’s suppliers, etc. This will save you time on paperwork.

How does the Accountant’s Assistant service work?

  • The company immediately transfers all the accounting source documents to the Accounting Department via an agreed digital channel.
  • Banking entries are automatically imported into the accounting program.
  • The accountant’s assistant enters payment orders for banks directly from the program, either on the due date or at a time agreed with you (for example, as soon as the invoice is entered in the program).

How is this service useful for you?

  • You will have real-time information to make quick decisions.
  • Your invoices will always be processed on time and the risk of losing them will be minimal.
  • Your invoices will always be paid on time (provided there are sufficient funds in the bank account).
  • You will have a personal consultant who always has time for you and is familiar with your company’s accounting matters. The consultant will have a substitute during his or her absence.
  • The service is also well suited for larger companies who have a highly qualified Chief Accountant or CFO whose potential should be used reasonably.

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