Apartment cooperative accounting

Apartment cooperative accounting

You can order an accounting service from us, which includes all the accounting operations necessary for the apartment association. We give you the sure knowledge that the cooparative`s fiances are kept and comply with the law.

What does apartment association accounting include?

Your apartment association will have a personal accountant who

  • receives a monthly sample of metrics;
  • divides fixed costs among the members of the apartment association;
  • prepares sales invoices and monitors their payment;
  • sends reminders to cooperative members about unpaid invoices;
  • check that the accounting documents comply with the law;
  • keeps tax records;
  • prepares and submits tax returns;
  • keeps fixed assets records;
  • prepared budgets;
  • prepares and/ or approves paymant orders;
  • submit a monthly report to the board of the cooperative at the end of each period;
  • prepares the financial year report and;
  • archive digitized accounting documents.

How does the services work?

  • You can communicate with the cooperative`s personal accountant (in case of vacation or illness, he/seh has a substitute) face – to – face, by phone and e-mail, as well as by video call.
  • All documents are sent to us digitally by the coopeative, thanks to which accounting is completely paperless.
  • Accounting is done in real time: the accountant`s assistent enters electronic documents into the program within 1 business day after receiving them.

To ensure smooth coopeation, the cooperative grants the accountant access to its own accounts when concluding a service contract

  • In the Tax and Customs office (for checking or submitting tax declarations);
  • on the eesti.ee portal (for submitting sick leaves, requesting benefits from tha state);
  • in the business register (for submitting the financial year report) and
  • in the coopearative`s internet bank (for example, to makse statements, to monitor the payment schedule of bank loan).

If you feel that your apartment association needs a professional accountant, we will be very happy if you give us the opportunity to makse your own price offer. To do this, simply call +372 50 888 38 oe email info@sisi.ee.

Thank you!