Financial management

Financial management

Financial management is a future-oriented activity that is important for making necessary financial decisions for an entrepreneur.

If you need the preparation of financial forecasts and current financial annalysis to achieveyour goals, you can order a services from us that will change your company

  • more successful and competitive;
  • creates a complete picture of the company’s economic status and
  • also provides an overview of each project of the company separately.

What does the financial management services include?

The financial forecast results in budget that shows;

  • how much you want to sell;
  • the costs involved and;
  • how big is the expected profit.

Financial analysis gives you continous feedback on the fulfillment of the set goals and allows you to react in time if you are deviting from the goal.

Financial management with a virtual financial manager – what is it?

There is no real need for a CFO position in small and medium-sized companies. A financial manager, if such is mostly only in larger companies. In smaller companies, financial management is generally handled by either the company manager or the accountant.

It is also possible to subscribe to the financial manager service as a separate service or use the software application SisiFlow – virtual financial manager

Financial management is easy and fast for the company manager when you use the SisiFlow virtual financial manager.

If you feel that you need help with the financial management of the company, we will be very happy if you give us the opportunity to make your own quotation. To do this, simply call +372 50 888 38 or email Thank you!