Annual report

  • Collect and send all accounting documents of the previous year to accounting
  • The accountant`s assistant enters all accounting documents into the accounting program.
  • The chief accountant checks all balances (bank balances, tax office balances, supplier/procurer balances, data related to fixed asstets, stock inventiories, data related to employees etc.)
  • when all steps have been completed by the accountant, the report is forwarded to the board for review.
  • Upon receiving the approval pgf the board, we prepare and submit the annual report in the environment, the boards members must add an activity report (if necessary) and a profit distribution (loss coverage) proposal.
  • If all the aforementioned stpes have been taken, the annual report must be signedby the board and submitted.

NB! The annual report is prepared by the accountant and the compny`s board in coopeartion