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Accounting services and financial consulting

This services is suitable for you if you need help as a start-up company in setting up accounting, choosing an accounting porgram, entering the first entries and resolving any questions that arise

The support service is suitable for you if you have decided to do the accounting yourself, but you would like an accounting conultation from time to time

If your company`s volume of activity is so small that you only need the support of an accountant to submit an annual report, you can choose an annual accounting service. In this way, you can be sure that the accounting is in order, and at the same time you save on the cost of monthly accounting services.

If you value your time and want to devote it to the core business, leave all the accounting to us. We guarantee you the confidence that your company`s finances are in order. We regularly provide an overview of the financial siatuation of your business

If you need the preparation of financial forecasts and current financial analysis to achieve the company`s goals, you can order a financial management service from us 

You can order an accounting service from us, which includes all the accounting operations necessary for the apartment association. We give you the sure knowledge that the cooperative`s finances are kept and comply with the law 

You can order payroll from us as an add-on-to company accounting or as a separate service. As with the provision of other services, we also maitain complete confidentiality in the case of payroll

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